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Van Leasing FAQ


Below, are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our van leasing service. If you have a query which has not been included here, speak to one of our dedicated leasing experts, who will be happy to help.

FAQs About the Lease Agreement

Is van leasing available for both businesses and individuals?

Beck Evans can offer any customer who is eligible for finance a van leasing agreement, whether it is required for commercial or personal use.

How long will a lease contract last?

Our van contracts are flexible to suit your preferences and can range from 24 to 48 months.

Can you still offer me a van lease if I have bad credit?

While most lenders prefer your credit score to be good or excellent, Beck Evans will not reject any application without careful consideration, and if you have bad credit, we may still be able to help you.

Do Beck Evans accept part exchanges?

If you would like to get some money off your deal by trading in your current van, we are happy to accept part exchanges and can offer competitive valuations.

FAQs About the Vans

Which vans can I lease?

Specialising in leading makes, such as Ford, Renault, Toyota, Vauxhall, Volkswagen, Mercedes and Land Rover, we have a vast range of vans for you to choose from. Whether you are looking for 4x4s, pick-up vehicles, drop side pick-up vans, curtain side vans, crew cab vans, tippers or Luton vans, we have something suited to every requirement.

Will my van come fitted with ply lining?

It is mandatory for our leased vans to have ply lining fitted in order to better protect the van and help you avoid any unexpected damage charges. This feature is included in the main price, so you do not have to worry about any additional costs for this feature.

Can I modify my lease van?

If you are looking for a van with specific features, like a tow bar, this should be requested prior to purchase. If you decide that you would like modifications to be made during the leasing period, this may be permitted as long as the changes are small and reversible. If you wish to add company decals to the vehicle, which can be removed before you return the van, this will be allowed.

Essentially, modifications are permitted, provided that they do not damage the van and it can be returned to its original state. Any changes you make will be at your own risk, and before doing so, we strongly recommend you speak to one of our van leasing experts.

FAQs About the Vans

Will I be able to use the lease vehicle for ""Hire and Reward' purposes?

Beck Evans are unfortunately not able to offer van leasing to customers such as Taxi and Rental businesses looking to use the vehicle as a self-drive hire van.

Will I be able to take the lease van outside of the UK?

To be able to take your lease van abroad, you will need to have the authorisation of your finance provider. You should contact your provider before arranging a trip in your van to make sure they will permit this and that you are aware of any restrictions.

If they are happy for you to take the van out of the country, you will need to order a VE103B form. This contains important vehicle and driver information and confirms that you are authorised to take the lease van abroad.

Will I be able to change my mileage cap during the lease period?

Some funders will let you alter the mileage allowance set at the beginning of the agreement, provided that you have at least six months left on your contract. Although, please be aware that you may be charged for doing this, so it is always recommended that you estimate the mileage you will cover with care when choosing a limit at the start of the contract.

FAQs About Additional Vehicle Costs

Is tax included in your van leasing agreements?

Tax will be provided for the first 12 months of your contract; however, after this point, the responsibility for taxing the van will be yours.

Is insurance included in your van leasing agreements?

Unfortunately, insurance for a lease van will not be provided, it will be up to you to arrange this. As the finance applicant, you must be either the main policy holder or named as a driver on the insurance certificate and the insurance policy must be comprehensive.

Will the lease van be covered by a warranty?

At Beck Evans, we have a variety of warranty packages available to suit your leasing needs.

FAQs About Returning the Vehicle

Will I be able to end my lease agreement early?

If you would like to end your lease agreement before contract term is complete, you will have to pay an early settlement fee, which will depend on the amount of time you have left on your agreement. To request a settlement figure, speak to one of our dedicated advisers.

How much will I need to pay if I exceed the agreed mileage?

You will need to think carefully about how many miles you are likely to travel in the van, so that you can choose an appropriate cap. If you exceed the mileage allowance agreed at the start of a contract, you will be charged in pence for every additional mile over the limit you cover.

Will I be charged for minor damages to the van?

When you return the van to us at the end of your contract, we will carry out an inspection and assess the condition of the vehicle. We adhere to the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) fair wear and tear guidelines. If the van has any damages or imperfections which are not accounted for in these guidelines, you will be able to liable to charges.

Can I buy my van at the end of a finance lease agreement?

Unfortunately, the funders we use do not provide the option to keep the car at the end of the lease agreement.