Sell Your Car in Kent & South London

Three simple ways to Sell or Part Exchange your car with Beck Evans

Below is the price for shipping your vehicle from Felixstowe UK to a serviced port of your choice in New Zealand.

Here at Beck Evans, we take all of the hassle out of moving away from your old car!

If you are looking to sell your car, we are always looking to buy good quality Sports, Prestige, 4x4 and Supercars. We also offer excellent part exchange rates, so taking this route means the money you get goes towards another vehicle purchased from us. If required, we can also help you sell your car, so whether you're about to part exchange it for another car or simply need to get rid of your current car quickly, we can help.

Beck Evans will accept your old car in part exchange. For an accurate quote please contact us on 0208 302 0860 or fill in the form at the bottom of the page. One of our vehicle valuers will then contact you with the best possible price for your vehicle.

Call our team on 0208 302 0860 or fill in our online used car valuation form below and provide us with the full details of your vehicle, we will then contact you with a price we are prepared to pay for your car. If you would then like to sell us your car, we'll simply send you a simple document to sign by either email or fax and upon receipt of these, we'll then make the necessary arrangements.

Let Beck Evans sell your car for its optimum value at a price greater than you would receive if you traded it in, but without the complications and risks of selling it privately.


If you are looking to have the hassle free option of selling your car please fill in the form below and we will endeavour to give you the optimum value for your vehicle.

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